Big Four Ice Caves, WA

There are a few ways you can spend your off time in Portland: indoors, eating, drinking, socializing with friends, or hitting the I-5 Interstate north to Seattle for 24 hours of adventure. I met up with photographer and El Paso native Maggie Gallagher yesterday afternoon for coffee, Latin cuisine and cheap cerveza -- a ritual I adopted early on in life. The inclement weather kept us indoors until the late evening, which would only benefit The Innkeeper. But after a 6am wakeup call, we set out to the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest where we would take on cold temperatures, heavy rainfall, and rugged terrain to arrive at our destination: The Big Four Ice Caves. Today's encounter was nothing short of spiritual and mind-altering. And as expected, the Pacific Northwest never ceases to amaze.


After living in Portland for almost a year, I made the trek up to Washington to hike the Snoqualmie region with friend and model Cassy Gerasimova. Shot a little product feature for Birksun solar backpacks while we were out. Washington, I love you.

Angel on SE Hawthorne

Angel is an artist from Oakland, Calif. We met in Portland briefly this past Fall and have been wanting to collaborate ever since. We walked the neighborhoods of Southeast Hawthorne and discussed our favorite types of music, books, and movies. I photographed Angel candidly during these moments.

White River Falls

December 29, 2014 - This trip down to White River Falls was, as is always the case, a last-minute attempt to break free from the chaos of city life. Perspective was needed, it's always needed. It's become more of a daily routine that restores balance within. As with any venture, the journey was  more important than the destination. Chris and I had a chance to catch up with our personal and creative lives. We communicated; we sat silent. We watched as the terrain transitioned from rain forest to grassland. When we arrived to White River Falls State Park, the terrain was our own. There was no one in sight, only a winter chill. As we wrestled with nature in attempt to stay warm, it became clear: the elements decide our fate. At least, that was the perspective gained that day. I let it sit there during the hours it took returning to Portland. 

No Concept of Home

"Speeding down a highway to a place we could navigate only in a dream. What we search for, we cannot find. So we build for ourselves what can't be seen."